Ibero Japan also aims to continue being a company in which employees are free to engage in lively debate. We strive to be a firm in which communication flows freely and earnestly to the benefit of the customer.




Since starting operations, we have put a priority on the quality of our staff, our flexibility, and our ability to provide a quick response. As a customer-focused company that is committed to sitting down with customers and listening to their concerns to gain a firm understanding of their needs, we think that these three factors are essential for developing good business relationships.

Aside from our staff, we also think that these factors are our most valuable resource when it comes to ensuring that we deliver a quality brand, provide outstanding value, and maintain our commitment to ongoing relationships, while continuing to place a high priority on our relationship with each and every customer.


Ibero's Vision

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Our name, "Ibero," comes from the Iberian Peninsula, where we first began operations


Since opening its doors in 1996, Ibero Japan has bought and sold around 8,000 used machines every year and has dealt with customers in 59 countries worldwide.
We ship products that showcase world-renowned Japanese technologies to our customers all over the world from our hub at Hakata Port in Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu, as well as from many other ports throughout Japan.
We pride ourselves on our talented and knowledgeable staff, whose industry know how and extensive overseas experience help create strong relationships of trust with our customers. Our team has excellent information-gathering capabilities and strong foreign language skills to guarantee prompt and reliable service to all our customers.

Placing a high priority on customer relationships, Ibero supplies the world with quality used Japanese tractors


In April 2008, we obtained permission to invest from the Vietnamese government and established Ibero Vietnam, a 100-percent-owned subsidiary, 38 km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. Ibero Vietnam is staffed by Japanese engineers and a total of 100 Vietnamese employees, who create products of the same high standard of quality for which Ibero Japan is renowned.
Through our own transportation network centered in the Kyushu area, we will further expand our network for buying and selling quality used and reconditioned machinery sourced from all over Japan.
We will continue to provide a quality brand, outstanding value, and a commitment to ongoing relationships for our customers the world over.